101 Squadron Association Membership

The 101 Squadron Association enables the world wide community of its members to keep in touch and maintain the bonds of fellowship forged in service with 101 Squadron Royal Air Force.

Our members have included FE2b pilots from WWI, ground crew who worked on the Boulton and Paul Sidestrand and Overstrand in the 1930s and of course the veterans of Bomber Command from WWII.

All those who served with 101 Squadron on Lincolns and Canberras at RAF Binbrook, or V-Force Vulcans at Finningley and Waddington to the past 30 years of VC10 operations from RAF Brize Norton, join with family and friends at our Reunions to celebrate in friendship their links to one of the most famous units in RAF history.

Advantages of Membership

All members receive free of charge our regular newsletter “101 Matters!” to keep them in touch and informed of news and events involving 101 Squadron. Members are also entitled to attend the Annual Reunion Dinner held in the magnificent venue of the Lincoln County Assembly Rooms every September.

Most importantly, through their subscriptions and donations, members help support the work of the Association, ensuring that those who gave their lives in service with 101 Squadron will never be forgotten and always have the memorials they deserve to remind future generations of their sacrifice.

Eligibility For Membership

Full Membership is open to all those who have served on 101 Squadron or who have served in a direct support role of 101 Squadron at its main operating bases. It is also available to their spouses in recognition of the essential support provided by service wives.

Associate Membership is available to relatives of those who have served on 101 Squadron or persons who actively support the aims of the Association.

Celebrate your connections with 101 Squadron by joining today! Mens Agitat Molem!

Membership Subscription

If you are already a registered member, you can renew your annual subscription for just £15 by making a secure payment via PayPal or by cheque. You can also make a donation using the DONATE button below.

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Application for Membership

The best way to support and enjoy the work of the 101 Squadron Association is by joining. Just contact our Membership Secretary by e-mail, who will then send you the appropriate Membership Form.